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“Growth occurs when individuals confront problems, struggle to master them, and through that struggle develop new aspects of their skills, capacities, views about life.”

~ Carl Rogers

Relationship Counselling and Therapy in Central London

Are you feeling anxious, depressed or angry because of unfulfilling relationships? Resolving relationship issues would likely change how you feel about life.

I am a relationship counsellor. I have been helping couples and individuals improve relationships: relationship with oneself, with family, with partner and with the world at large. It is widely recognised that the quality of these relationships is at the foundation of our life experiences, shaping our identity and affecting our ability to flourish.

Arguably the most important relationship is one we have with ourselves. Do you feel dissatisfied, in spite of professional and material success? Does life feel out of control, in spite of your best efforts? Or perhaps you are wondering why your relationships are not more satisfying? Exploring these issues in therapy may help you live more authentically, engage with the world more fully and achieve a firmer sense of purpose and well-being.

As a couple therapist, I have worked with couples of diverse backgrounds and wide range of relationship issues. Even though all couple relationships go through ups and downs, when there are particularly testing circumstances or when problems seem intractable, couple counselling can be useful in working through issues and restore sense of safety and connection in the relationship. In my experience, understanding the dynamic of emotions is key to untangle destructive patterns and disconnections in relationships. I also offer practical and proven strategies to manage on-going stress and conflicts.

I trained as a psychodynamic couple and individual psychotherapist at Tavistock Relationships, with additional training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Attachment theory, Mindfulness practice and Positive Psychology. The relationship issues I counsel my clients with include managing conflict, resolving recurring disputes, navigating intimacy and sexual problems, recovering from break-ups and affairs, parenting concerns and divorce and separation. More about my training here.

'It wouldn't be dramatic to say that you have truly helped change our lives - both as a couple and as individuals.' - CL

'Alison's calm manner and compassionate non-judgemental approach anchored us and allowed us to work through issues.' - BP and TC

My practice is in two locations: Marylebone in Central London, within easy reach of public transport hubs in Oxford Circus, Euston Station and Paddington, and Highgate in North London.

Concessions are offered to students and people in need.

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